Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm going to pick up Christy's general tag and do the EIGHT RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME meme, as if my memory isn't random enough and just in case you feel I don't talk about myself enough :) I'm sitting in my art school office waiting for Bumblebee to be dropped off after circus school (thank goodness for car pooling) and all my scrabulous games are waiting for other people, so here goes. (Apologies if I've written any of this stuff before. I told you my memory is random.)

1. I hate tight things around my neck. This ties in with hating to wear anything that makes me think about it while I wear it: tight/high shoes, tight bras, things that cut in under the arms, g-strings. I try to be comfortable at all times and I tend to wear things I can run in.

2. I hate to run. But I'm prepared for the need to.

3. When I think about walking on a sloping roof or a high slippery place, the soles of my feet tingle (they're doing it now).

4. I love romantic comedies. It's the girliest thing about me, and something I feel a vague sense of shame about, thanks to the pre-lipstick feminism that I inherited from my auntie godmother (see also points 1 & 2). Doesn't stop me from watching them.

5. I went to Kirwan High in Townsville for a while. Also Randwick High in Sydney. I went to a lot of schools, actually.

6. I always knew I would be a single mother. I didn't think I would ever find a man I wanted to stay with for a lifetime. The jury is still deciding on that one. (Don't worry, we're still in love! But a lifetime is hopefully a LONG time.)

7. I feel all sparkly on days when I physically make something that isn't a bed or a meal. Books and prints usually fit the bill.

8. I can't live without a novel beside the bed. But you knew that.

Have a go if you feel like it.



Rebecca said...

i'd love to play scrabulous with you sometime. i usually play against the robot or those email games on facebook.

Val said...

I can so relate to numbers 1 and 8. And how well put: hating to wear anything that makes me think about it while I wear it

cristy said...

I love the combination of 1 and 2.

As for 4. I am with you there and am eternally grateful that Paul loves them too. We have wonderful nights in - with romantic comedies and chocolate... Yes, I am married to a girl in a man's body and it is wonderful.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"I love romantic comedies."

Not necessarily a romantic comedy per se ... but definitions are definitions are definitions and not the Gretrudic "rose is a rose is them them flowery things wot they grow at Flemington for Melbourne Cup day" for the stopping and smelling thereof... but you must not shuffle off your duckly mortal coil without seeing "Born Yesterday" - not the nonsense remake with Melanie Botox-Griffith, but the original remake of the remake of the remake of "Pygmalion" with the wonderful Judy Holliday.