Saturday, February 25, 2006

Trying to shut out the nagging voices

Ever had those times when you just can't think in a straight line? I try reely trooly hard to be happy and positive and focussed these days, but today is not one of them. I think it's because I haven't had a moment to scratch myself and everytime I sit down to have a rest a million things to do pop into my head. Sorry, lovely people, I know I've been whinging a lot lately about time and busyness but I've really hit the wall.

I just got home from fitball hoping that it would give me some energy, but of course it sapped everything. I have to make mini-lists to get me through the minutes. I've got a little timekeeper in my head chanting lists like 'toilet, lunch, shower, go to AP's house'. But then another little voice jumps in and starts fretting: 'but you haven't done this. and this. and this.'

I walk around the house, dodging piles of washing and fluffballs and empty glasses and newspapers and toys. That's at the end of the list. Housework always comes last, unfortunately.

I'm writing a post because it makes me sit down, and it distracts the warring voices. But then I feel guilty for wasting my time on the internet. Actually, I shouldn't, because I love blogging. It's like meditation.

There's one thing I have on my middle-of-the-night-brain-whizzing list which I can do right now:

THANK YOU to Lucy Tartan for the hugely entertaining bundle of posters received in the mail a few days ago. The rats are coming to work with me, to pin on the wall as a great example of simple colour printing. They need a public space. Bumblebee adores his Koala poster and the maps and meaty pics are going to be put to good use in the near future. I will be sending you one of the byproducts when they emerge!

Ahh, I feel better now. Toilet, lunch, AP's house.

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