Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Remember to breathe

I love papercuts. Not the type that hurt like fuck and never bleed, but paper cut into patterns. Traditional Asian papercutting is a spectacular artform, usually carried out by a wizened old man in the corner of a shabby paper shop using a simple stanley knife on a cheap gummed pad of paper. Simple papercuts are often pasted on to the front of Japanese-bound ledger books. Other, more elaborate ones, are strung up for holidays and other special occasions.

I've noticed papercuts are becoming increasingly popular in a contemporary art context. I was discussing this with someone the other day, and they later sent me the following images. Neither of us know who the artist is. If anyone can help identify the work, I'd love to know. They are a wonderful use of paper, both in a papercut sense and also as origami.

Object and space, finding beauty in what is made, and what remains behind. Enjoy.

papercut snow
papercut tower
papercut bird
papercut treasure chest
papercut ladder

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was looking for the artist, too.
Finally found him, it's Peter Callesen.