Thursday, February 23, 2006

The rainbow connection

Thanks to the wonderwoman that is crazybrave, I not only caught up with Spicks and Specks and Little Britain tonight, but I got to take some pics of the mysterious rainbow stairs. Thanks for lending me your camera!

Circus Oz was fantastic. They had a mishap on the weekend, as you may have heard, in which one of the cast members was injured in a cannon incident. We saw the reworked show last night. Apparently they took on 3 new people to cover the tracks of the one obviously talented injured person, and quickly rehearsed lots of new bits. Not having seen the old show, I can't make a comparison, but the new show is excellent. I'm enthralled with Christa, the cabaret singer. Her voice is amazing. At one point I ignored what was happening in centre ring (a strong-person type balancing act) to give her my full attention, because she was belting out some really good stuff. If you go (and I highly recommend it), I think Christa and Scott steal the show. Scott dresses like a bogan, with huge black mullet cut and cut-off flannel shirts, and rides a stunt BMX like nothing you've ever seen. His bullfight scene was my scene.

Turns out Best Beloved knows Scott, and we had a chat after the show, which is how I know about the reworked bits. I didn't know BB was so well-connected! No photos allowed in the show, unfortunately, so I can't show you anything. I was disappointed by that, not so much to capture the performances, but because I collect circus shadow photos, and they would have provided some beauties.

Anyhoo, this is where I'm being busy. Here is what the art school looks like:
art school in Canberra

See the clocktower? I've been working up there. When you walk along the top floor, you walk past an open door, and this is what you see:
stairs 3

Very few people venture up the stairs; they're intriguing, but not inviting. The few times I've been up there I felt a bit like I'd walked into some Secret Club.

It's very hard to turn the corner and take another photo up, so here's the corner from above:
stairs 1

And this is what it's like from the very top:
stairs 2

And at the top, where I'm standing, is the office of a certain art journal. And you can see why they don't have a photocopier. Can you imagine carrying one up those stairs? All the furniture is collapsible and all the equipment is small! Heh.

It's a lovely place to work, in a physical sense. And the people are lovely. But it's been a hell of a week, because I'm on a steep learning curve, and so is the Guest Editor. Which does not make a swift combination! I'm hoping we'll get it to the printer tomorrow, only a day late. Otherwise I'll be tearing my hair out like a madwoman in the clocktower.

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