Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Stuffed-in cat

Between work commitments and big thunderstorms when I want to get on my computer, I haven't managed to get on and post. I'm printing a huge letterpress project this week, 8 editions of 10 pages which have to be printed at least 5 times each. I don't even want to add that up in case I feel faint.

So while I'm busy, have a look at stuff on my cat. It's got some good moments, whether you like cats or not!

This is Mr Pooter, by the way. He was helping me re-screen my front door on the weekend. He got a bit stuck in the roll. Mr Padge helpfully jumped on him while he was stuck, so now my new screen door has honorable cat-creases in it (well, that's the official excuse for the amateur job).

PS Cranky comment of the day, after hearing the morning news: seems to me that the only thing missing from the current bird 'flu scaremongering is a quotation from Nostradamus predicting it. Only a matter of time, I guess...

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