Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Riding the cat portal...

A fair while ago I put my cat Mr Padge into the Infinite Cat Project, and posted about it. There was a rather hilarious comments section on that post which I can't link to because I've gone to Haloscan and I'm too cheap to buy all my old comments back. Anyhoo, it involved Harry from For Battle! and a friend sitting in an internet cafe getting drunk (or already many drinks past thirsty) and flipping through the ICP until they almost made themselves sick. We fantasised about having it all automated, so that the various cats would flip through at speed making a pussy version of the Dr Who credits.

Well, I've since discovered that a portion of the ICP has been automated, and you can find it here, along with many other oddments of cat-related film.

I've also since tried to take a photo of both Padge and Pooter for the ICP, but it's too difficult. Firstly, they have problems sitting still together. Second, they're black and hard to photograph, and third they think computers are really boring. They do like mice, though. Better than keyboards.
Padge with mouse, no keyboard but.

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