Thursday, October 27, 2005

Magpie's cunning stunt

One thing I don't like in Canberra is Magpie Nesting Season. Yesterday I nearly came off my bike on the bike road along the main thoroughfare through Canberra (Northbourne Avenue) because a fecking maggie swooped and gave me a stunning peck on the base of my skull behind my left ear. A very deliberate aim below my helmet and where I couldn't see it coming. It was sheer luck that I didn't fall off my bike and land under the bus cruising patiently behind me. And then, Dear Reader, I would have been road pizza.

Today I have a rotten bruise behind my ear, a sore shoulder blade and a hip that keeps falling out of place, causing me to hobble painfully.

The latter two are not magpie-related, but connected to the fact that by this afternoon I reached 300 sweeps of the letter press for my visiting artist's book project. 200 still to do by tomorrow afternoon. Saturday, I sleep in.

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