Thursday, September 22, 2005

Reading into things

Two delightful typo moments today:

1. BB and I met up at a cheap little chinese restaurant in Civic for lunch. As we were leaving I popped off to the loo, and when I returned he said 'Do you think they smell?'
Pardon? I said, startled. He pointed to the back of the door, which read 'SORRY, WE ARE CLOSE'.

2. Waiting for Bumblebee outside his classroom, I noticed a number of posters designed by the kids about recycling and disposal of waste. One was a picture of a dog and a kennel, and they'd obviously written the word 'bog' and then corrected it to 'dog'.
The combined b/d made it read: 'IF YOU HAVE FOOD SCRAPS, FEED THEM TO YOUR BLOG'.

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