Monday, September 19, 2005

Pass the Cheese, Gromit!

Since we were at home with Bumblebee for the first weekend in ages, we decided to do a few kid movies with him.

Thumbs up to Tim Burton for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He got the book down to a T. Thumbs down, however, for feeling it was necessary to provide a motivation for Willy Wonka's oddness. Who cares about his unresolved issues? The book was a perfect plum, no need to make jam out of it. And whoever says Willy isn't modelled on MJ is just avoiding lawsuits.

The other fab movie out at the moment is Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Jolly japes for all, with (as usual with Aardman films) most of the fun happening in the background. If only all dogs could be Gromit!

Best Beloved and I, unable to slake our lust for all things Indian, visited our local Indian supply shop yesterday afternoon and stocked up on not only garlic pickle and parathas but a number of Bollywood DVDs, including Paheli! We only saw that recently, and of course it's already offered as a double DVD with some other fab movie for less than $10. Not sure of the legal status of these purchases, but you can't buy Bollywood anywhere else so what to do? Ahh, sat and stitched books last night to the expressive eyes of Shahruhk Khan... luvly.

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