Friday, September 09, 2005

Haiku (bless you)

Kate tagged me for a loverly meme which asks you to look up the meaning of your name and then write a haiku around it. I thought about this for a while. Do I haiku my username or my real name?

I keep myself hidden only in an Ursula Le Guin sense of keeping something sacred for my own sake, not out of shame for the things I get up to in my spare time. In fact, soon I plan to unveil the uber-duckie site, which will include not only trivial blog musings but more serious bookmaking topics, and a CV etc, so I will also unveil my secret identity (oh, the suspense is killing you, I know.)...

So here's my surface haiku:

We talk hand in hand;
ducks land on the wind-blown lake,
paper-coloured sky.

And here's the teaser:

Under the pure pink
Apricot blossom in bloom
I comb my long hair.

I tag: Zoe, Stevie, and Meg


Kate said...

I've got it! Your real name is Rapunzel. No? Okay...

Lovely haiku, of course.

Ampersand Duck said...

ha ha ha ah ha
No :)
and thank you!