Tuesday, September 13, 2005

National Poetry Week: Poesies 3

I don't think I'm going to get time to post a poem tomorrow, so I'll put it up now before I go to bed.

I would love to put the whole of Jordie Albison's book The Fall (Melbourne: White Crane Press, 2003) up here. I would love to give a copy to every woman I know, and quite a few of the men. She is wonderful, and reads her work beautifully, which is something quite rare. Many are the times I've overlooked a damn good poem because I heard it read by the author who quite obviously hears it sonorously in their head but mumbles or drones it out loud. Jordie's poetry looks simple but it is very controlled, and she is well-versed (sorry) in traditional poetic convention. She likes using internal rhyme, and you only find them when you pay attention or read the poems carefully out loud.

Please buy the book if you like what I'm placing below. I can't decide between two, so I'll put them both up. Maybe this should be a poet for every day, not just a poem.

10-Point Plan (for Mothers)

Never be the first to let go of a hug.
Always be last to fall asleep.
Breathe into child when child is choking.
Open your eyes so that child may see.

Supply constant questions to challenge child.
Provide nightly bergamot bath.
Prepare yourself for the life of a locum.
Check daily stock-levels of love.

Beware of the child who hums televisions ads
while dismembering teddy-bears.
And take care of the child who sits in darkness
contemplating truth, despair.

Things to Do (Heart)

a. Find heart, and place hand upon it. b. Time
to metronome beat. c. Empty above of all
things earthly. d. Fill with compassion. e. Sleep.
f. Remove heart while comatose, and g. wrap
in secondary skin. h. Attend to uncontrolled

weeping. i. Inject with childhood whims. j.
Apply usual pressures. k. Induce another few
beats. l. Install restraints against sudden death
flights of fancy and similar feats. m. Dream
the dream of green things rising through cracks

in the heart's veneer. n. Stir slightly. o. Open
one valve. p. Put back to sleep again. q. Attach
block and tackle for (possible) messy escape.
r. Invite intelligence in. s. Stitch up anything
that gapes. t. Arrange worldly affairs in good

order, alphabetically and from one to ten. u.
Inform media of intentions. v. Alert next-of-kin.
w. Insert telegraph pole for long-distance out-
of-town friends. x. Put heart back in. y. Press
All Systems Go. z. Let your black ravens sing.

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