Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Cardboard Club

He looks yummy..., originally uploaded by Ampersand Duck.

[apologies for the bad photography... dark cats are hard to catch at high speed in a dimly-lit room!]

Many cats seem to like cardboard boxes. A friend sent me photos of her gorgeous cat methodically demolishing a series of cardboard archive boxes. a true deconstructionist. Baz prefers to use his to bask under a warm lightbulb. I leave various boxes around the house with classy vintage jumpers and cut-up sheepskin coats in them for the utmost comfort and pleasure, but nothing beats a box with a purpose. Mr Padge and Mr Pooter have discovered the joys of my paper recycling box in the midst of my amazingly messy study. It has windows, you see, and they like to alternate who is in and who is out,

he was here a moment ago

Do you want the arched window or the round window today?

until they reach such a frenzy of excitement that they have to jump out altogether and bite each other madly.

who needs the box?

They do this at odd times during the night as well as the day, which can be a tad annoying. Apparently boxes are cool. And they taste good.
This doesn't taste as good as bro's tail

But brothers taste better.
take that, you cad

One more sleep until they meet chooks and ducks for the first time...


Lucy Tartan said...

Those boys are gorgeous as hell. They look like evil, tiny, fuzzy, warm, cuddly, insane freaks. That gleam of utterly mad concentration in the eye of the cat about to pounce is a beautiful thing - specially when it's followed up with a crazy over-the-top rolling and shaking of the head. Baz is getting a bit old for that now, damn it. I want kittins!

Ampersand Duck said...

It's true... my last cat was a fabulously rough, evil minx when young, but then she just sort of... grew up. I'm hoping that having two of them might preserve the kitten in them a bit longer. As I was writing this they managed to pull a big Darth Maul money box (don't ask) down onto them which gave them one hell of a fright, and now they're dashing madly all over the house!

Adele said...

my last comment wasn't posted!!
I have sent the box artist one to Lenny..........
They show promise as fellow deconstructionists