Monday, July 25, 2005

... and now I need a glass of wine.

Exterminated, originally uploaded by Ampersand Duck.

I'm having a marvellous day! This comes as a complete surprise, as I was dreading it when I woke up this morning. But I actually achieved a hell of a lot.

Granted, the morning wasn't so hot, but I did managed among the morass to send off my entry forms to the Noosa Books 05 exhibition, and send my artist's books to the Sydney Art on Paper Fair. Hooray!

Then at lunchtime I got to notch a few more bloggers on my belt as I had lunch with those intrepid toddler-wranglers of the blog world, crazybrave and Mindy and Dave of For Battle!. Rubbing elbows indeed, with the addition of the owner of the saddest little face in the world. Charlie and Sage waged mini-testosterone wars and Charlie lost out most often, Sage being on home turf and C being quite travel-weary. Next time we will include more partners and some alcohol, I hope. Hooray!

Then I had fun taking all my hand-made books into town and to their new distributor: Pepe's Paperie! Soon I will start my own selling point on-line, but for now I have a Canberra sales-point, and that makes me very happy. They are called Ampersand Duck Books (surprise!) and I have a few 'ranges', with such names as Bombay Duck, Puddleduck, Wood Duck and Wild Duck, the latter being my free-range one-off styles. I am also making nice archival black-page albums. Here's what the album and an example of the label look like (the labels have been letterpress-printed):
Watch this space for more about all this book fun. Of course, feel free to get in touch if you have a specific book or album you'd like me to make. Someone suggested guestbooks for weddings today.

The next fun thingie today was popping into the ANU School of Art (formerly Canberra School of Art, and the National Institute of the Arts) to do some chores and stumbling upon a fun new exhibition being installed in the Foyer Gallery. Hence the opening photo for the post... I saw a dalek! I dashed to Bumblebee's school at 3 and brought him back just to see the look on his face. It was a beauty. I didn't realise until we were on our way home again that he'd been scared. I thought he could see, like I could, that it was made of cardboard. But his imagination is much better than mine!

Besides the dalek and lots of other cool space-junk type thingies, there was this gorgeous robot.
He stands very tall, looking quite cool and spacey, but when you walk up close, he's covered in delicate pink flowers and agressively brandishing a... teddy bear.

I think that helped BB out of his dalek trembles. The artist in question was there setting up, and I asked his name. It was Simon [something hard for my wee brain to remember]. I will insert his surname when the labels are on the walls.

In the meantime I seriously recommend anyone in the Canberra region who likes Dr Who and science fiction to get into the Art School for a look. It's all up now, opens on Thursday, and I think finishes on Monday or Wednesday.

And get thee to the Paperie if you want a nice handmade sketchbook.


Mick said...

I went to the Paperie on the weekend in Civic but after searching up and down the aisles could not find your books!

Perhaps I was looking for the wrong thing, or not in the right place.

I would have asked the salesman, but he was busy with a more discerning customer...

Ampersand Duck said...

Yeah, I went in too, on Monday and they weren't up yet. When I asked why, they said they were 'shrink-wrapping' them to deter sticky dirty fingers. Sorry about that. Hopefully they'll be there by now.

Thanks for trying, Mick!