Friday, July 01, 2005

Holiday... celebrate...

How lucky am I? The start of the school holidays, and Bumblebee is spending this weekend with the Albatross. Child-free! Best Beloved and I are going to do some movie-watching. and it's going to be a nice cold rainy weekend to do so.

Tonight we'll see The Edukators, which our local independent movie temple, Electric Shadows, has dubbed "THE BIGGEST ADRENALINE RUSH SINCE RUN LOLA RUN! A sexy, intelligent and adrenaline-fuelled thriller about three young Berliners who take the law into their own hands." Gawd.

Tomorrow we're taking my Venerable Poet (as opposed to BB's Irascible Writer, both lovely old ladies we do fun Secretary-type things for) to see A Good Woman, lured by the promise of Oscar Wildean dialogue. I may be bitterly disappointed, but I'm sure the 85-yo VP will enjoy herself immensely.

On Sunday, if we don't cook Eggs Benedict for anyone except ourselves, we may go to Batman Begins. But I may find that packing issues overcome that particular urge... for on Sunday evening, we're going rural for a week! Hooray, lashings of red wine and mother's cooking down at the farm near Bega. A chance to let Bumblebee run wild with his grandparents while we get to watch. And my dog gets to sniff the real me instead of my old socks.* I'm looking forward to lots of sleep, crap magazines, and a week away from my computer, although I may sneak onto Dad's occasionally to check my ebay snipes and read all the blogosphere fun. I will be concentrating on getting my sketchbooks and their price-tags organised, because a local businessman is going to stock them in his shop! More details on that when it actually happens.

We're taking the cats for their first rural adventure. My dearly departed pussy was a veteran traveller, yowling all the way down Brown Mountain and then quite contentedly stepping out of her box on arrival and padding off to greet the ducks. I'll be interested in seeing how Podge and Poofter enjoy the change of scene... I'm sure they'll investigate everything that moves and a few things that don't. They'll be locked inside at night so that they don't get mistaken for ferals and be shot by the neighbour.

Time to open a bottle of red and get my head into movie-watching mode.

*My mother visited recently and forgot to pack socks. I gave her a few pairs of mine, and when she returned to the farm, she put a pair on in front of Lucky, our ex-pet who moved up a generation. He took one sniff and apparently spent the rest of the day alternating between snuffling her feet and searching the house for me. Talk about feeling guilty! I do miss him, just a little bit, but I'd rather just visit him occasionally than live with him.


Zoe said...

I've had boyfriends like that, Ducky.

Lucy Tartan said...

You're....taking...the cats...!?!?!


Ampersand Duck said...

Thank you. I'm sure I will earn it.
But what's a holiday without cats?

Felix said...


harry said...

"But what's a holiday without cats?"

A Vaion.

Ok, so that was without only one cat. They can't all be gems.