Sunday, July 03, 2005

Four stars followed by two

The Edukators is a ripper of a movie, apart from the fact that I guessed the end because of the looping use of Jeff Buckley's spine-tingling rendition of Hallelujah in Dolby stereo. It involves a love triangle between two left-wing politically active and very good-looking German youths and an equally gorgeous and informed young woman, some cool furniture-rearranging, the kidnapping of a sold-out fat-cat, stunning scenery of Germanic alps and a lot of revolutionary idealism. Highly recommended. It's nice to know such ideas are still moving around (and hopefully achieving something!).

And A Good Woman, whilst using every skerrick of Wildean wit they could find, and whilst stuffed full of fantastic scenery and costumes, just made me want to go back and see The Edukators again. I think I would have enjoyed it more if my senses had't been politically heightened less than 12 hours before. Too much money! Too much leisure! Such bad acting! Americans just can't do Wilde, no matter how much they love him. Poo bah. The Venerable Poet enjoyed it, but I think she'd enjoy anything that got her out of the house.

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