Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Up on show

a small corner of the room

I've just returned from a week in sunny Mackay after attending the 2nd Australian Artists Books Forum at Artspace Mackay. All that work on exhibition labels and room brochures etc. paid off, as you can see from a small sliver of the exhibition in the accompanying photo. The table on the right has a lot of my work on it, which includes the dark image on the wall on the right above the table. How proud am I!

The only disappointment on opening night was that despite all of my work, my name wasn't mentioned once. I was optimistically titled 'the team', as in 'DF and her team'. Yeah, all one of me, split into various incarnations and working seamlessly towards the ultimate goal of fame and fortune. Hah! But I got over that with a champagne or four. I had a fabulous time in Mackay. The Artspace staff are wonderful, especially Nick and Leon who are the Batman and Robin of exhibition installation.

Stay tuned, in the next day or so I shall blog my way through a few Mackay moments. Unfortunately I can't do them all at once because I have an in-tray from hell staring me in the face. Suffice to say that I'm now due for a bit of liver cleansing, and the lack of moisture in the autumn Canberra air is wonderful.

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Zoe said...

Ducky, you're home! Glad you had fun, but missed you on Saturday.