Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Defeats me...

You gotta love the Korean love-affair with English. Take this little number I captured when I was in Seoul last year:
S-oil is good for you!
S-OIL is the name of a very popular petrol station in Seoul. They don't call them petrol stations -- they call them 'oil banks'. After seeing my first S-OIL bank from a taxi I spent all my commuting time looking for another one with my camera in hand...
And there's plenty more where that came from, believe me!

Anyway, I just got an email today about the 2005 Seoul International Book Arts Competition. Very good, and I heartily recommend entering if you're a book artist, because the display facilities at the book fair are great, and they get at least 6000 people passing through the fair every day.

But! Be warned. They need the work sent to them by the end of March so that they can 'Defeat [the] Work' in the first two weeks of May. I don't know what the hell they are talking about. The 'Selected Work' is then displayed between June 9 and 23. Presumably the selected works are those that have made it through the tournament to see who is the champion gladiator or something!

Their selection criteria is that "the contents of the work should be unprecedented and an idea attractive to a Book Arts work", so obviously my work needs to look and fight like Xena to survive. It goes on to say "The work should have function and format which you can open and close regular book than object installation." So obviously it will need stealthy weapons rather than huge spiky maces in order to defeat the others and win.

What if my book is a pacifist?

This is what it says about "Carrying out" (which I guess is what happens to those who are defeated): "Carrying out: visits directly( An identification card or receipt require ) and send to local and aborad. (free postal charge)" [sic all punctuation and spelling].

It sounds too rough for my poor little productions. Maybe I will make an armour-plated work especially for the occasion.

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