Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fug me

In a desperate attempt to jolly myself out of a low patch, I went cruising the blogs looking for some action. I found it. Go Fug Yourself has all the fun of reading a crappy magazine without all the Royals and recipes. The particular post I've linked to has a piccie of the most outrageously ugly ugg boots I've ever seen. Socks with sandals? Ha! nothing compared to uggs with sandals.

Just because I can, anothor use of the name Ugg Boot that hasn't been killed by the Americans (yet) is Stephen Spurrier's Ugg Boot Press. I'm very sorry he doesn't have a better website, to show off his witty, silly and very Australian artist's books. They'd cheer me up in a flash. Meanwhile, back to some fugging.

Postscript Couldn't resist including this one too.

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