Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Rose by any name would smell as sweet?

Yesterday I went to Woollies in Dickson to pick up a few things (including wine, of which I've had my fair share tonight) and when I got to the Express Checkout Chick she smiles at me and said 'how are you tonight. Do I smell?'

Taken aback, I had a quick sniff and thought yes you do, but thought I'd be polite at first then break the news to her gently a bit further along in our relationship, like after she'd packed my stuff.

So I said 'why do you ask, Rose?' (I'm not making this up, her name was Rose) and she replied that she could smell herself, and was feeling a bit paranoid that others could smell it too.

Then I swiped my card and punched in my pin etc. She let it twitter away for a second and then said 'your card was denied. ONLY JOKING!! ha ha ha'.

That was the point where I decided not to tell her that she stank. Let someone else have that pleasure.

This anecdote was brought to you with the encouragement of crazybrave.


Zoe said...

Heh. Stinky Rose. More pissed blogging at mine.

I really love you, man. hic.

steev said...

hmm stinky chix... niiice ( no, really!)

btw, that crazybrave likes to sniff people's necks, so watch out.