Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fancy that!

Email from Best Beloved this afternoon:

I got a sudden impulse to Google the phrase 'Butterfly snot' (not sure why).
I got four references, one of which was your blog!

In fact, if you google 'butterfly snot' the FIRST exact match is my blog (now probably doubly so), because the phrase 'butterfly snot' was concocted by BB himself and suggested to Bumblebee as part of last year's Mother's Day breakfast menu.

So it's not that surprising, is it?

It must be a very slow day at his work today.

Postscript: I got an email from a lovely lurker saying that when they googled "flash my tits" into Google, a post of mine was on the third page of results (which makes me number 29 out of 811 results, not bad, eh?). Heh. They wanted to stay anonymous -- to you -- in case anyone dissed them for the search phrase. But hey, I've done weirder searches, haven't you??!!


Enny said...

Hullo from the number one result for Googling 'sexsi woman'.

HAHAHA HA HA haaaaaaaa.

Butterfly snot is way cooler (though I'd press to find out the reason it was getting googled!)

JahTeh said...

New Scientist calls a single entry a googlewhack but once it has a hit it's no longer a single entry, very mystifying but I hope your 'butterfly snot' started its life as a googlewhack.

Mummy/Crit said...

Well, personally, I'd have to wonder why people other than readers of your blog would think of Googling "butterfly snot" in the first place

Pants said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who does that shit. I was going to turn myself in.

harry said...

UK comedian Dave Gorman has a book called googlewhack in which he finds googlewhacks, goes and visits them and gets them to find another googlewhack etc etc

Great idea.
Not as funny as "Are you Dave Gorman?" (cowritten with Danny though, which is an instant classic. This must be followed by "Join me" by Danny Wallace, where he accidently forms a cult. It has one of only two truly impossibly beautiful book moments of all time in it (but you must read "Are you Dave Gormnan?" first to get it. AND then must be followed by "Yes man" by Danny Wallace to complete the whole story. Simply awesome all round.

Word verifocation: knobgocb. Surely an onomatapeic take on headjob.