Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is like one big comment for all the ones I didn't make

Since my Xmas gallavant without steady access to a computer, I have a backlog of posts to read on my Bloglines account. There are some blogs I read as soon as I see they've posted (you probably all know who you are), and there are others that I have let build up, and I'm trying to catch up them so that I can go back to my regular cruising habits. Reading backlogged posts in one hit has the disadvantage of not allowing me to comment while the topic in question is current, but sometimes the sheer joy of a concentrated stack of someone's writing style makes up for that.

With all my busy-ness, I've set myself the goal of catching up with one backlog a day before I get stuck into my work. Today was Jahteh's turn, and I had the absolute best time reading about her life and opinions from late December onwards. What a great woman! Gutsy, and dryly funny in the face of adversity with the blackness of humour that makes life worth living, and a keen eye for the best eyecandy the web has to offer.

Thanks for the great read I just had, and I wish you all the best for 2007.


JahTeh said...

Thank you Ms Duck, that was most unexpected. As there's no blood on the screen, I see I haven't tipped you over into opening a vein.

"Sweet beetroot and apple jelly", that's a wonderful exclamation to use instead of my usual four letter versions.

Ampersand Duck said...

No wuckers. My new swear word is 'Bastet', the Egyptian cat goddess.