Friday, February 09, 2007


Book Magazine Book! It's the hot new thang! Do something fun/wacky/crazy/pretty/serious with a page, blog about it, then pass it on. A year later, the book is supposed to find its way back to the start.

I put my hand up for the miseducation issue, and unfortunately sat on it for while, so it's only got one page filled.

Here it is:

arr, here be dragons

Collage, an old letterpress offprint and some childish pencil scribbling, which was a LOT of fun to do.

I've thought of a way to make up for my utter slackness, and also to have fun with the title. I'm going to take it to the BookStud, get lots of students to do their wacky things with the pages as part of their bookarts course, and blog their progress on the BookStud blog. Fun! I have the blessings of BMB's creator, so as soon as the students return (next weekish), I will get them interacting with the pages.


If you want to get involved with the Book Magazine Book project (you don't have to be arty, you can do whatever you want on a page, even your shopping list), read the guidelines and email johnbonbailey at hotmail dot com. Go to!

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