Monday, July 24, 2006

Planet Gas


Much hilarity last night as we watched an episode of the BBC's latest David Attenborough showcase Planet Earth.

Best Beloved kept making demands of the show, and it seemed to respond. He'd say 'enough pretty views! I want otters!' and within a minute, there would be otters. Then he'd say 'Piranahs. We need Piranahs'. Lo and behold, there were the Piranahs (sp?). Finally he demanded bats. Bumblebee said 'There won't be bats. They don't live in water!' Heh. The promo for next week showed... bats.

We also had the mystery of the barking toad. No matter which area of the world the show was in, Best Beloved would say 'that's the haunt of the barking toad', and we'd hear its cry. It wasn't until Bumblebee shifted cuddles from my couch to BB's that he realised that the barking toad was a lot closer to home -- and very smelly at that :)

Heh. Kids are so gullible.


Kirsty said...

The otters were lovely; and who knew that when they got together they could harrass a crocodile into submission?

Ampersand Duck said...

They were fantastic -- and great to use in a conversation with a child about solidarity!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. I was just relieved that it had enough animals for the kids. I agree though, they used pretty predictable animals.


Boysenberry said...

The show is fantastic. I find myself marvelling at the way we can now see these sights, while our great-grandparents never had the opportunity.

We used the otter vs croc scene to remind MissB about the importance of teamwork and courage.

Funnily enough, we may have a variety of barking toad down in Conder; I always thought it was the Coughing Duck myself. :)

Destructomeg said...

heh the sight of otters annoying a croc into submission was teh awesome and got many cheers!!

Rach said...

Otters are the coolest things ever. As is the barking toad. Oh, dad humour.


It's piranha.

Out of all the things to bring out one's pedantic side on eht internetweb it'd have to be fish for me. Sigh. Maybe I should just get really into world of warcraft or knitting like everyone else.