Wednesday, July 19, 2006


SIGH! I hear you say. Another bloody template change.

Well. I was riding home on my bike today thinking about life, the universe and letterpress, as I am wont to do (mainly to stop myself thinking about how cold my hands are despite their leather gloves), and I thought about why I wasn't doing as many 'Remember to Breathe' posts.

It's because the 3-column format made all my images look like shit. They were too small.

So I decided to make more space for them, and when I start to tinker, I just can't stop.

I've got a gorgeous man lying on my side of the bed to warm it up, coughing discreetly to hint for me to come to bed and I'm still bloody tinkering.

I think I should take a hint. And stop tinkering. I'm quite happy with this. For now :)

Tomorrow I'll Remember to Breathe.


Rach said...

It looks awesome, Great work. I hope your man wasn't too impatient.

Zoe said...

cleaner and nicer

And anyone who hassles an artist for tinkering is a dummy.


Anonymous said...

Wow! All is changed utterly!

It's beautiful, like all your work, but on my screen (a work laptop), you have to scroll down along way till you get to the actual posts. Is that how it's meant to be, or is it because I'm on a laptop?

(I know what I'd do with a gorgeous man waiting, etc..)

Val said...

Very elegant, easier on the eye, but lots of empty space to the right and left. Maybe allow for a little less space and therefore less scrolling?? Uh oh, I fear there may be some more tinkering happening.

When you will be uploading more of your book creations? Can't get enough!

Ampersand Duck said...

Actually, it's exactly the same amount of white space as most wordpress or blogger templates. It just looks more because I had filled it before with colour! And maybe because the sidebar is on the left.

Glad you like it though. I'm getting much quicker at the template thang. If I could just get rid of blogger's frame for images... they only appear on images that use certain codes. If I grab an image somewhere else on the internet, it doesn't get a frame. Any thoughts on this?

Enny said...

On my work puter, all the posts were below where the sidebar was; but now it's all in order.

I like this one too! =o)

Boysenberry said...

&Duck, I think this new layout works extremely well for the graphics.

Zoe said...

Ducky, do you upload the images with blogger or use the img src tag? I think that means no border if there's none there to start with - just use the following format with a pointy bracket at beginning and end:

img src="http://photourherel" alt="Name that will appear while photo
downloads for an hour on two if you're on Zoe's dial-up at home" /

Ampersand Duck said...

Ah! Thank you, Blog Queen.

Hmm, have to get you broadband, by hook or by crook. Or maybe just read me at work ;)