Friday, July 21, 2006

The Five Things Meme

Going around the traps:

The Five Things Meme

In my handbag
- a good black pen
- sugar-free gum (gives my teeth something to do besides clench when I'm concentrating)
- handmade diary (I needed a mix of diary and notebook, so made one)
- mobile phone hands-free headphones (I've got a radio in my phone -- but only FM. Why can't they put AM radios in phones? I want my Radio National and I'm stuck with JJJ)
- various hair ties and clasps (must cut hair)

In my fridge
- soft goats cheese (scrummy on toast)
- cat meat (Bee fart this week)
- milk (we still get it delivered. Gotta love your milkman)
- vegies in various states of decomposition
- Stringer cheese sticks (Bumblebee's fav)

In my closet
- lots of scarves, both silk and wool, to keep my neck warm. The silk ones are good winter or summer (if you wet them in summer, they're great to keep cool)
- A jumper knitted by my mother when she was pregnant with me. It still looks great (on me!)
- both my wedding outfits. The first is a purple and green pantsuit (total brain malfunction on every level, I tell you). The second is white/ivoryish. Cause that was the wedding that felt right.
- a lot of black, which simplifies wardrobe choices
- my precious fangirl bag, a pelorian cat bag made by Laura last year.

In my car
- A full juggling kit: balls, clubs and a set of metal boule balls (Best Beloved's: JUST IN CASE we find somewhere fun to stop and juggle.)
- lots of rubbish
- a metal wheelie trolley for market shopping (gets lots of admiring looks, but it steers like a cow)
- sugar-free gum (to stop myself teeth-grinding whilst driving long distances)
- a little Chinese jade lucky charm of a teapot which we bought when the car kept overheating. Buying a new radiator helped a lot more.

That's where the original meme finishes -- but shouldn't there be FIVE categories too? So I'll make one up:

In my bathroom cabinet
- tweezers (age makes you grow hair in very odd places).
- face packs, in convenient single serves. Love a bit of mud.
- fabulous bathsalts from the Blue Mountains that REEK of lavendar. Everytime I go there I buy at least three boxes.
- every bloody shaving fad that BB goes through -- cream, oil, lather & brush, triple-blade razor heads, you name it, it's there.
- face paints (the red is almost gone, from too many Darth Maul sessions)

Pass it on, or just move on. Whatever you fancy!


Zoe said...

Purple and green pantsuit?

Sounds like you were marrying Gloria bloody Steinem.

Ampersand Duck said...

It's not as bad as it sounds... well, maybe it was. I still wear the aubergine blouse. The whole thing was made by a friend with fantastic sewing skills. I was trying to be as un-white as possible, and yes, the colours were deliberately a bit feminist, especially with the white tulip I was holding. I don't know what I was thinking. But the reception was the bomb. I'm sorry you weren't around for it.

Dean said...

"Why can't they put AM radios in phones? I want my Radio National and I'm stuck with JJJ"

I think the question you should be asking is why - with the abundance of FM tuners in gadgets these days - isn't the ABC transmitting Radio National on the FM band in Canberra? It's on FM elsewhere.

I'm going to write & ask 'em. I'd like to be able to listen to RN on my phone too. And don't mention podcasting; I want Fran Kelly live or not at all.

Ampersand Duck said...

I've already written to them, so let's form a groundswell. I'm sure you've got a much more techie way of phrasing it all.

I'm willing to bet you're not the only male in Australia to say that about Fran ;)

Anonymous said...

huh - i sat next to Fran at an art launch lunch once, ans she was a rude cow. Ruined her show for me really.