Monday, July 17, 2006

Another guest pome

There's been a bit of discussion at Sarsaparilla about children, poetry and school education. Hop over and join in if you haven't already. I'm going to post another Aki poem, because he's obviously enjoying writing poetry at the moment, and should be encouraged as much as possible. (My boy isn't a poet at all, which doesn't keep me awake at night. He'll find something to keep him going when he's ready.)

This is apparently a secret birthday poem:

Dear Alexander
I was going to buy you a card with candles that were red
But then I thought I'd rather spend the money on me instead
Happy birthday to you. Now I said it now I'm done.
So how 'bout helping me with my homework, what comes after one?
You see while lying on my back to make angels in the snow
I saw a greenish craft appear! A giant UFO!
A strange unearthly hum it made as it hovered overhead
And aliens were moving 'round in viewports glowing red
I tried to run for cover, but a hook that they had low'r'd
Snagged me by my overcoat and hoisted me aboard.
Even then, I tried to fight, and though they numbered many
I poked them in their compound eyes and pulled out their antennae!
It was no use! They dragged me to a platform where they tied me up
And wired to my cranium a fiendish suction cup!
They turned it on and a current coursed across my cerebellum
Coaxing from my brain tissue the things I wouldn't tell 'em
All the Maths I ever learned the numbers and equations
Were mechanic'ly removed in this brain draining operation!
My escape was an adventure (I won't tell you what I did.)
Suffice to say, I cannot add so go ask some other kid.

I think he's got a career with Hallmark, don't you?


Dean said...

So Bumblebee's not a poet; is he reading?

Ampersand Duck said...

Yes, it's probably his best skill so far, apart from drawing things to do with Star Wars ;)

Jellyfish said...

Good golly. This kid is still in primary school? He's amazing! I would love to study him for my literacy classes. Judging by this, and the previous one in which he casually referenced 'the revolutionists', he would make an amazing case study. At that age I was still writing acrostics about shetland ponies *feels shame*

Ampersand Duck said...

If you're serious, Jelly, drop me an email. He is a pretty cool kid.