Sunday, September 06, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Colonel Duck was probably a bit disappointed that I didn't mention his presence in the last post, but that is because I was saving it for today's post.

people watching

There's a few photos of him in my flickrset of the opening, but this is my favorite.

The look on his face tells me instantly that he's people-watching, and most probably watching some child doing something silly. Both my parents are people-watchers, and it's a gift they handed down to me.

Happy father's day, Dad, and thanks for all the support.

(I'm not sure how much Dad will enjoy this site, but I'd thought I'd put it here, because he loves silly animal things, and your dads might too.)


Lord Sedgwick said...

I note the presence of a division of the 2nd Mounted McAlpine Irregulars.

If they're there with your father, do I smell the scent of a military takeover?

Lock up your doubters!

Mummy/Crit said...

Bound to be some child silliness. (D'Arcy's in the frame). Did your Bumblebe take the picture?

Ampersand Duck said...

Yes, Lord S, there was a Hard Core of ex-classmates there, forming a coagulation in one of the corners.

Yes, it's a Bumblebee photo. Some of the images he took of the adults are pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Another common thread in the family, Nana Ann (and a Geekie trend) loved to watch people (was it because she was seeing if they had ironed their clothes, done their hair or cleaned their shoes?) It is my favorite pass time. But there is an old saying "Look through the bush not at the bush) I love to imagine what or who the people ar. Handsome photo of a very proud Dad. Cheers Aunty Lou