Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cheesy pooofs

Late last night I needed a break from interminable photo resizings and lists of ex-military types (long story), and did a touch of internut cruising. Writing about my timid web trolling is like reading a children's story: I went walking... ...and what did I see? It's nowhere in the league of the wonderful Ample Sanity or BibliOdyssey.

Still, when I find things that belong together, they're worth mentioning. I laughed like a drain at Whatladder's trolling, and then I stumbled across this:

Which is just so apposite. It starts slowly: hang in there, it's worth it, especially if you thought Jah Jah Binks was an outrageous waste of time and money, as I do. You can fast-forward, I think the fun starts at about 1:25. (I was a bit shocked when Bumblebee laughed and then said 'that music is so funny, where does it come from?', and then I was thankful that he's never watched Benny Hill.)

And finally:

funny pictures of cats with captions

OK, back to work. I have to move plinths today. And keep resizing photos. *sigh*


Fyodor said...

Heh. When it comes to fashion policing, nothing - I repeat: No- Thing - beats "People of Walmart". Here's a Star Wars-themed taster:

Zoe said...

You're wrong, Fyodor. This is the best section

This is to make up for that last link.

WhatLadder said...

Everything is funnier with Yakety Sax.

fifi said...

I was seriously derailed here yesterday. Started in People of Walmart (!!) and then ended up in that bizarre chat room where I maganed to bore the arse off some random stranger...

all preferable to actual work of course!!