Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blowing the top off

Best Beloved has long been a keen collector of stories about cults, conspiracies and gullibility. His bookshelves are full of people seeking truth and uncovering lies; my bookshelves are full of people dreaming up stories that push the boundaries of reality and normality -- it pretty much sums up the complete opposites of our personalities.

Last night Media Watch had a segment about Channel Nine's screening of Peter Popoff* and his Miracle Water scam. BB was ecstatic in rediscovering one of his old obsessions. I can't wipe the smile off his face, and first thing this morning he sent me this:

It's pretty amazing, and while BB finds it hilarious, I find it poignant. So much faith, so much hope, and you know they're all just going to go home and find that nothing has changed, they're just a bit more tired and have a badly bruised forehead. And that man, wiping the tears from his eyes! Sigh.

I do like the bit where his wife says 'Can you hear me? If you can't you'll be in trouble...' It blows the top off everything, if only because the playful glee in her voice shows how irreverently they think of their 'business'.

And now he's doing it again. Unbelieveable.

* Popoff is, of course, a delightfully Dahl-ish name for such a scammer. I always laugh extra hard because when Bumblebee was in family daycare, I mentioned one day that he had eaten a lot of lentils, and might fart a bit. His carer pursed her lips prissily and said 'we don't use that word here, dear. We prefer POP-OFF'. Gawd, I laughed like a drain, all the way to work.


Mindy said...

It brings me great joy to think of my little one in daycare saying "you did a fart!" and laughing,as you say, like a drain. She finds farts very funny.

Mary Bennet said...

So does mine. At not quite two, she takes great delight in letting rip and then blaming someone else.

But, honestly, 'pop-ff'??

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ummm... sigh. TDN(tm)s family always called it popping wind, and I still do. cos it's a habit, and it's funny, and I don't always like the word fart... actually, we've got the Dinghy saying 'windy pop' and giggling like a mad thing, which is pretty funny.

Annie said...

I hope BB likes the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast then!

Fart is very popular in our house. Used to be 'fluffies' as Matthew (having Aspergers) will say crashingly embarrassing things at the top off his lungs (to anyone who stands still long enough). Now I just don't care, fart it is...