Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another blues song day

Was woken up this morning,
By the feel of kitty feet --
I'd slept right through their breakfast,
They wanted stinky meat...

So they stomped,
And they moooaaaanned...
And they moooaaaanned...
And they stomped,

So I got up.

Sigh. I thought this week was going to be a doddle, especially with Easter at the end of it, but it's just getting crazier and crazier.

After I fed the kitties and let them out, I got a text message to remind me that I was supposed to be speaking to a group of Professional Practices students after work about how my artistic practice is informed or enhanced by my interaction on the internet. Ooh, yikes, I'd forgotten about that... and I have family coming for dinner! Ay yay yay.

Anyhoo, remembering that I have to do that means I've been sitting here all morning in between running after students (I'm also standing in for our normal printmaking technical officer while she's off in China, lucky lady), trying to muster my thoughts about you and I. 'You' being, yes, all of you, and all the wonderful experiences we've shared.

And I'm feeling guilty, because I haven't shared much more in the last XX number of months than jolly personal stuff and excuses for being busy. No lyrical waxings about the joy of using my hands in my making processes, or how much I dislike the cover of the new Steve Carroll book, or where I'm up to with my latest fine press book and its satellite exhibition... and for that, I apologise. I'm going to make a resolution here and now to write something decent at least once a week, and by that I mean 'professionally relevant'.

Next week I'm going to spend a few days in Bega with Colonel & Lady Duck (Bega readers, this is probably the only notice you'll get before I get there!), so I might spend some time then making a meaningful connection between a keyboard and my brain. I'm making this promise because that's connected to something I'm going to talk about this afternoon to a room full of glazed end-of-day eyes: one of the reasons why I blog is a desperate attempt to force myself into action, because if I tell people I'm going to do something enough times, I sort of have to do it. It doesn't always work, but it works more than fails, so I persevere.

Here's another thing I'm going to say out loud so that it happens: I'm going to have a good Easter break. It's going to be my mantra over the next few crazy days...

Oh -- and if you happen to read this today, and have anything constructive to add to my thoughts about internet enhancement of artistic practices, leave a comment!

PS: and after all that, I forgot to add this link to a blogpost by Jeff Peachey that I absolutely adore, read when it was first mounted, forgot about, and have now rediscovered. And have remembered to add. yay! As you were.


pk said...

I wish it were true that one's a.p. were enhanced by one's i. on the i. but it is surely the other way round!
Don't tell the kiddies that: let them find out for themselves....I realise this is no help at all.
That's me all over.

Ampersand Duck said...

Bless you, Betty. I'm hoping you're right!

Pooter and Padge (channeled thru Naomi) said...

We woke up thiz morning
Couldn't get her out of bed
We wanted to be fed LOLcat food
But she called uz kittenz insted

We got the infantilized LOLcatz
infantilized LOLcatz blues ...

Sure this does not help ur thoughts about internetz enhanzment of artistic practizez but our job is not to help but to hinder

Ampersand Duck said...

[belly laugh]

phil said...

Welcome to my world today - true!

Woke up this morning
Was about half past 2
Yeah got woked up this morning
Was about half past 2
There was a bedroom door
And a cat that wanted to get through.

I got up and let the cat out
Cat was happy as can be
Yeah I let the f*n cat out
Cat was happy as can be
But I couldn't get back to sleep
Wide awake was me.

Went to other bedroom
Tried to close my little
Yeah I found another bedroom
And I tried to close my eyes
Then I heard a soft miaowing
You can imagine my surprise.

Cat wouldn't stop miaowing
It was getting on my wick
Yeah ther was this soft miaowing
It was getting on my wick
So I let the cat bak in again
Cat went in real quick.

There's a moral to this story
There's a moral to this tale
Yeah there's a moral to this story
There's a moral to this tale
When a cat wants to go somewhere
The cat's will does prevail.

BwcaBrownie said...

somebody sold their soul at the crossroads ... it must have been Furry Lewis ... to Basement Cat.

Ampersand Duck said...

What a great name, Brownie! I'd rather have the epithet 'furry' than 'fat' any day... but do you think he got it for his voice, his body-hair or his teeth? The article doesn't know, either :)

Heather L said...

At least one Bega reader is looking forward to your visit! Ring me if you get a spare day or even a few hours!)- there are several exhibitions on during the easter break & Ali is keen to meet for a coffee someplace too...