Saturday, May 02, 2009


Sorry, I'm rather engrossed in some fun but challenging art thingies at the moment, so here's some fun things to keep you happy while I'm absent:

mind reading kitteh seez your thoughs  kitteh dissaprovez

Wuznt me, it wuz teh Cat.

with breathless anticipation the crowd awaited the unveiling of the Bush statue

orange and white outfit - check<br />soft and cuddly  - check<br />cute pose - check<br />covering of own spit - check<br />annoying cries - check<br />buries own litter - I WIN!!

(Oh -- I did manage to get to a really fun baby shower this morning. Most of the time I just felt glad it wasn't me about to embark upon that journey... but there was fun things to do, and very yummy food. Thanks, Lou! Good luck!)

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