Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Fires

That last para of the last post sounded waaaaay jauntier than I meant it to. Sorry if it bothered anyone. I really do send good wishes, and I've backed it up with a donation, and fully intend to do some shopping at Coles on Friday if I get the chance. I'd give blood, too, but I don't think I can this close to an operation. That's one thing I intend to get back into the swing of: I used to give blood as often as possible, because I'm a fairly rare blood type, but the last five years have been a string of miscarriages & operations, so times to donate have been rather rare.

Anyway, I got a chastising phone call from Bernice this morning. Apparently she'd googled the Two Fires Festival and discovered in the process that I was one of the featured speakers. Um, yes, sorry, was all I could say.

I haven't told many people, because I always feel that if I mention these things too early, they end up not happening and then I feel a bit embarrassed. But now I'm on the website and everything, so I guess I can blurt to my heart's content.

Yes! I'm speaking on a literary panel at the Two Fires Festival in Braidwood, NSW, on the weekend of 27-29 March 09. My fellow panellists will be Alice Gage of Ampersand Magazine, Rob Riel of Picaro Press and Stephen Mathews of Ginninderra Press! How excitement! What company! The blurb says

This delightful foursome will discuss the pitfalls of small publishing and of course how much they love what they do.

Goodie! What can I say? No money, lots of love. I guess we'll all be saying the same thing, so I'll have to think about some witty extra bits.

There seems to be lots of other good things happening at the Festival, so if you're geographically able, or so inclined, please join us for what looks like a Fun Time. As long as the fire season is over. Braidwood has had its share of fire proximity this year so far.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

in Braidwood, where nothing ever happens?
my brother lives there, I wonder if it's enough of an excuse to go and visit...

Penthe said...

I thought lots of interesting stuff happened in Braidwood. The little museum is filled with pictures of writers and artists who live in the neighbourhood. It looks interesting. Have fun being one of the interesting things happening there Ms Duck.

Do you think I could say interesting a time or two more?

Anonymous said...

I hope there is some way we can get to read what you have to say. I would love to attend something like this, just one in my lifetime.
I am just catching up on your site as I have had a broken computer.
Wishhing you well. Love Aunty Lou

sexy said...
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