Thursday, February 26, 2009


funny pictures of cats with captions

Padge made me do it.

We're all a bit sad because we thort Bernice was coming to tea last night.

But she dashed in and told us that her car was dying, and she needed to drive home straight away (90 minutes drive) so that she could at least get home before it did die, got us to push start the car and then buzzed off into the evening.

I wouldn't mind, only it's the second time she's done it to us. The first time was admittedly my fault ultimately, for giving her a dying car -- but I can't believe it's happened again!

You owe us some guestpitality, Bernice. We're holding you to it.

In other news, Dr Sista Outlaw is coming to stay this weekend with her baby and her just-out-of infancy squeeze! Yay!

In other other news, I'm sorry, those who have subscribed to me in Twitter. I just can't do it. I can't even update my Facebook 'what are you doing' thingy, so what makes me think I can keep up the twitters? I guess I'll leave it up -- I can see it would be fun for liveblogging something like the Two Fires Festival -- but this blog is about as public as I can make my activities, there's just TOO MUCH to do to reach for the phone/keyboard. Sorry!

Best Beloved has been off tonight learning how to sharpen knives. He's having a learning spurt. Last night he finished his Sausage-making course, and came home with a vast mountain (I'm not exaggerating) of pork & prune sausages (made with internal plum sauce!). They look amazing, and they should have sat long enough for us to try them on the weekend. In a gesture of amazing synchronicity, ALDIs had a special sale of sausage machines TODAY. Wow.


TimT said...

It takes me three quarters of an hour to work myself up to doing a facebook update, and then when I get on I can't work out what to type. They should ban those things - for peace of mind for the rest of us!

Good luck working your way through the industrial mountain of pork sausages...

Word verification - rechaste!

byrd said...

mountains and their measure seems a recurring theme for the foods at castle de duck eh.
Whats twitter anyway, some opportunity to never make silence, cause not enough people are able to make the time to find u see whats up.
ow ow i gots coalesce as my word verification.

Penthe said...

Sharp knives with which to cut sausages. Nice one. No more mangled sausage, but neat, round slices.

I am feeling more content with the world.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Aldi is a strange emporium, but they always have good schokoladen.

Bernice said...

The ferrets made a very nice Davy Crockett hat. Thank you.

Miss Schlegel said...

Just for future reference, I like sausages. Really quite a lot.