Tuesday, February 24, 2009

brown paper packages tied up with sticky tape

Today I got a parcel. Hooray! Doesn't it look exciting?


(Please note the whiteboards in the background. They are the subject of an upcoming post. Promise.)

Mmmmm... wrapped things. Things wrapped in bubblewrap. My favorite.

wood engraving tools
Mmmm... UNwrapped things! At the top is a roll of lovely paper: Maniro Diachi and Kozo Light, ten sheets each. From left to right: an Arkansas sharpening stone; three wood engraving tools: a spitsticker, a scorper and a graver; a roller, and, just to show Fifi, an wooden burnisher that I found recently at Walker Ceramics for the princely sum of $3!

I already have the wood engraving ink (as I use it to mix with offset ink to make nice stiff letterpress blacks), and one block (that I can also engrave the back of). Now I just need a source of good blocks (there is a fabulous one in England, but I'll save him for when I've practiced a bit) and I'll be off! I also have a pack of gummed label paper, because I'd like to make some ex libris plates (I bought it last year and used one sheet to make a whole stack of letterpress ex libris plates for my mother-in-law).

O wot fun!


fifi said...

so, you dont want the clay-infested one I dug you out yesterday? (EXACTERLY the same, just muddy)

I went to my studio today and swooned a bit in the heat and went home and did the laundry instead. I'm glad one of us is inspired!!

Bernice said...

Sharpening the saw, sharpening the saw... just got to find the bloody workshop key.

Ampersand Duck said...

I guess not, Fifi, but I still want to send you a print for digging it out! Now you should go ahead and use it, make a nice clay fishie or something...

Yairs, I thought that might raise a reply from you, Bernice :) No hurry!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

you make me so jealous... in a totally supportive way, of course ;-)

Heather L said...

What a wonderful package! I got one today too, wrapped with layers of packaging containing 3 gorgeous (read expensive) jewellery hammers from USA. Bit like a birthday isn't! Have fun using your new tools- I was going to hunt you out a my clay encrusted wooden shaping tool too- guess now I've found a new alternative use for it!

chosha said...

'Arkansas sharpening stone'...'wooden burnisher'. I don't even know what these things are really and I still want one of each.


chosha said...
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