Sunday, February 17, 2008

watch this space

Sorry, I'm buried under a pile of tax things, grant acquittals and bookbinding gumph. I'm hoping to blog about Mackay tonight. In the meantime here's what survived of my photos (I take really bad photos -- I think they look great in the camera miniscreen, but when I see them on the computer they reveal themselves to be crap).

Looks like we got out of Mackay just in time. Poor buggers. I hope everyone is ok, especially the gallery :)


Anonymous said...

Hi A'duck. Thought you might like to know I spoke to Cathy K just now and all are OK as far as she knows. Her gallery is OK (Tom and Katrina waded in) but the adjacent shops were damaged. Their house is OK too.
Apparently Nick managed to get to Artspace and it seems OK.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Collaborata Mollusca should be on the SlowMaking blog...

But why were the red chairs decorated with black lyrca strips? Black armbands or to hold you all upright after too much carousing?