Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the tale of the tail

Remember this?

Drinking kitties

Well here's the update:

drinking kitties 2

Padge was bitten through the tail while we were on holidays in Tasmania, something our beloved housesitter dealt with admirably. When we arrived home, about a week after it happened, we were greeted by this:

floppy tailed cat

We were so shocked when we'd got the phonecall about the attack that we'd imagined the worst (the vet had threatened amputation at one point), and were so relieved to find him merely curly that we instantly started putting the family black humour to work...

closeup tail

Poodle Padge
Poodle Padge,
Poodle Padge with his little white vag...
(to the tune of Postman Pat)


Little fat cat with a pug-dog tail... (Extras)

The tail has healed quite well, and we're pretty sure it won't be lopped off, because it has feeling and (slight) movement right up to the tip, but it will never be straight again. It's lost that lovely slinky quality that handsome cat tails have.

Luckily Padge is a cat who says hello with his forehead, butting into your leg/ arm/ head as he approaches. (Pooter, on the other hand, likes to touch you with his tail as he walks past.) Now he butts you to say hello, then jumps on your lap, and as he turns to curl into your legs, his tail wraps around your arm like the hook of an umbrella. It's very sweet.

Pooter, is, of course, very jealous at the amount of attention given to Padge.

jelos poota

But he'd rather have a handsome tail than attention, and he knows that he'll never be mistaken for that fat slob ever again. So there.


jac said...

My old dog had a buggered tail too, he broke it whacking it on something (we think). To be honest I didn't like touching it as the end was spookily floppy. Good thing he had no idea and went on wagging it happily!

Gill Stannard said...

Glad to see he is still a magnificent (and now very expensive) beast!

lucy tartan said...

Poor bugger.

tigtog said...

They're both lovely, but I too would currently give more attention to the poor floppy-tailed beast.

I'm sure that Pooter will recover eventually.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

It's quite fetching, the semi-shorn poodlesquerie; the kinda shave you could get yourself on Brunswick St. Still, very sorry for your poor kit. Hope he mends soon.