Sunday, February 03, 2008

Home! There's no place like it!

Gosh, it's good to be home.

Even if you're greeted at the door by a cat that looks like a poodle, with the middle section of his tail shaved off to expose gory healing wounds after something like a dog or a very mean cat bit right through it, 8 days ago. 'Poodle Padge, Poodle Padge, Poodle Padge with his little white vag' is the song of the evening (he has a white patch between his legs). The worst-case scenario is that he has nerve damage and may need a bit of his tail cut off. If that happens he will be Stumpy Padge the Pirate Scrow, Arrrr. But we're not thinking about that right now, because we're home! And the cats are very happy to see us. And we them.

And that's all I've got time for right now. I'm BUGGERED. I'll write more tomorrow, promise. Including Annoying Tourists and Interesting Blogger Encounters.

1 comment:

chosha said...

Just don't embarrass him by singing that in front of the other cats...