Sunday, February 24, 2008

Take a breath

It's amazing how much can get done on a child-free weekend. I've finished my tax, gone to 2 art openings, done various layout & design tasks, cooked a batch of fresh tomato pasta sauce that BB preserved for Winter in our Vacola, visited Zoe (and she's still in one piece, just), watched a 4-hour Bollywood movie about Emperor Akbar (phwoor!)and his amazing wife, and updated my website a bit.

Maybe after I've settled in my new bookarts comp class tomorrow, I can actually do some decent blog-posting.

As you were.

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genevieve said...

It is rather marvellous to get things moving decisively at times, isn't it.I'm jealous now - feeling a bit stuck also, as eldest son has a cold coming on and will have to miss swimming tomorrow (dash and blast). Which will make me even more dilatory over multiple tasks than I am already.
That must have been one hell of a Bollywood film.