Thursday, March 08, 2007


Now that I'm home from my usual Thurs-mega-day (8.30am to 9.30pm with scant time to stop) I'm able to confirm the report on Sorrow that I'm going to Melbourne next week for five days. HOORAY x 5!!

1st Hooray = I'm getting away from the smell of damp that lingers in Canberra, a totally alien concept for a town that is usually so dry that my kitchen floorboards were shrinking. Now they're matching up nicely again, unlike the ones at the art school which are buckling and lifting.

2nd Hooray = the trip is work-related on a number of levels: the touring exhibition I helped put together* opens at the State Library of Victoria on the 17th of March, and stays there until 17 June, so I expect all you Victorian artists and booklovers to have a squizz at it somewhere along the line. I'm also meeting up with one of the illustrators of my own printing project, and doing a fair bit of artistic networking.

3rd Hooray = I'm going to catch up with some old mates, after many promises to come south that never seem to eventuate.

4th Hooray = BLOGMEET! Friday 16th March, I think about 6.30pm, at the Exford Hotel which (according to Laura) is on the corner of Little Bourke and Russell sts in the city. The meeting place is UPSTAIRS. The importance of this last point cannot be stressed too highly, apparently. I'll be the shy one who won't remember anyone's names until I'm too drunk to say them.

5th Hooray = somewhere in all that I plan to have some precious alone time, just to wander city streets and galleries and get my head back into some semblance of order and self. I haven't had unplanned free time for months.

* I'm the subtext, the unspoken truth, the invisible glue in the arrangement. See if you can find any reference to me anywhere in the advertising or the seminars. That's not a bitter comment, just a resigned one.


lynn white said...

congrats subtextual one - I wish I could go to Melbourne, but then there is no point when footy's not on.

TimT said...

I'm so there. The exhibition AND the blogmeet, I mean!

Mummy/Crit said...

Hooray Melbourne. Have a fabulous time. I've nbeen meaning to go down to see friends and rellies for ages, but haven't made it. And time on your own in Melbourne is heavenly. As far as being subtextual.... I have only sympathy for you there..

Zoe said...

Lucky Duck.

fluffy said...

I would very much like to meet you ms duck, though the meet up isn't at a very kid friendly time. if you can spare 2 hours on Wednesday I thought we could see this then maybe check out the facilities around the corner at the VCA printmaking department (my old stamping ground ha ha get it i said stamping), if you can be bothered doing something vaguely work related. Or we could eat a peach.

Meredith said...

Have a lovely time AD.

GoAwayPlease said...

Forewarned = Four-armed:

Tullamarine airport will be in the grip of Grand Prix madness and you will have to fight or queue for a cab to town; and i do hope your NGV connections have confirmed accommodation for you.
I hope I make it in to meet you at The Exford.