Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Running off the plane and into the fray

A really quick post to let you know a few things:

1. I'm home! Hooray. I will post about Melbourne some more when I can find some time, 'cause I've hit the ground running.

2. Don't forget that the Book Studio has it's own blog, and it's running again after a Xmas holiday hiatus.

3. A very astute ANU art school student has started a blog to keep students in touch and hopefully get them motivated about what is happening. I guess this is the next best thing to a union... all hail to her and I hope it works. Pass it on!

Many thanks to everyone in Melbourne who was hospitable, especially the good people at the State Library of Victoria. It was a terrific trip, and I'm very very inspired and motivated.

Back soon, I hope... I did remember to breathe yesterday, just didn't get a chance to blog it. Here's a mental picture: I took a lovely big deep breath of clean Canberra air, and then walked back into this stale, musty, damp art school. Hard to illustrate that, really.


Bernice said...

Oh hurray for the Art School newsletter blog!! Come oh all ye alumi - time to pitch in & rebuild in the school

Val said...

Do you realise you left out an "s" in the URL for the Blog Studio? Thought you'd like to know. Thanks for the reminder about it. I had bookmarked it ages ago but haven't visited for a while.

nick cetacean said...

If only you could bottle that fine art school smell,

then, uh,

it'd be in a bottle as well as in the art school.