Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Remember to breathe

Phew, another tuesday already. I've only just made this one, with 20 minutes to go. I've been burning the midnight oil every night, so maybe this should be called Remember to Sleep.

I thought I'd share a couple of odd photos from Melbourne. I didn't take many photos while I was there; I kept forgetting to get the camera out, because I was so busy looking and thinking and smiling. And the photos I did take are awful. I think I'm developing a hand tremor.


Anyhoo, these are from the very lovely and quirky exhibition by Gracia + Louise, in a little gallery in Flinders Lane which is just a row of old mailboxes in a building foyer.

mailboxes close up

I loved the little details in their work, and also the decorations on the walls around the boxes (a permanent feature, of course!). Gotta love those old buildings.

It's a collaborative production, like all Gracia + Louise enterprises, featuring original drawings and collage.

tassie devil

The exhibition is called If we stand very still, no one will notice, and it's on at Mailbox 141 (141-143 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Mon/Fri 7am-7pm Sat 12-6pm) until 20th of April, 2007.

My itunes just told me that Awake is the New Sleep, but I think that's piffle. I'm off to get me some of that old-fashioned sleep.


lauren said...

thanks ducky! i've been on a crazy trip and also have been forgetting to breathe. awake is the new sleep, but like any 'the new' it doesn't last long before it becomes 'cranky is the new pleasant'. this exhibition looks ace and as i'll be in melbourne this weekend, i'm going to check it out. thanks for the tip.

so nice to read about bumblebee's musical development. i think bowie is a good disco replacement. a good chunk of motown might also do the trick, especially the jackson 5 - if he's so into falsetto.

Val said...

Thanks for the reminder about their exhibition, MUST get there before it closes.

gracia said...

So glad you could pop along to Mailbox 141... That Tasmanian devil seems to have posed just for you in the last photo.
take care, g

genevieve said...

Thanks so much for that link. I finally got to the wonderful ANU and Book Studio exhibition today - I will visit it again next week, I really want to blog about it but I've never written anything about art. So we'll see how that goes (i.e. if I can't write anything that does it justice, it won't happen). It was beautiful, Duck, I particularly enjoyed your lovely pieces, especially the Akhmatova in its Shared Rooms. Brilliant stuff.
I've posted the Gracia and Louise exhibition to and tagged it 'must-see'.