Sunday, August 06, 2006

Well and truly tired out

I'm not hiding under a stone; I've just been incredibly busy. I've started learning bookbinding (the real traditional type) at TAFE one afternoon a week, I worked an extra day at school under an extreme hangover and today I taught an 8-hour letterpress workshop to a group of very keen adults. I am determined to write a full account of the interesting bits, but not tonight. I'm a very tired duckie. Too tired to fix up my comments, even.


soysauce said...

here is a little Pome to help you have a sweet dream while you sleep Ampersand Duck:


Cream hairs hold my sight
Down and over down and over
They saw across the bridge
Pull and push the night

Weaving the shuttle slow
Languorous arms embrace
Knees firmly hold
Wrists arc in the undertow

A glint from the old majesty
Anointed with such grace
Double-stopping harmony
Sketching bold tapestry

Rocking gently close your eyes
I ache in the sonorous saraband
Swaying between your thighs

While you are lost in adagio realm
My wants thread through your bow’s eye
Bind me, wrap me, warp me, weft me
How Bach becomes you strung at the helm

Bring your cello again tomorrow night

Mummy/Crit said...

I'm not so worried about your comments mate, it's kind of nice to have them automatic-like. Hope you're getting some rest tonight, as i ought to be!

Ampersand Duck said...

Thanks for the pome, soysauce. I'm touched.