Saturday, August 05, 2006

Happy Byrday


I hope you did something just for you, like a bit of spraying around Brisvegas.

P.S. Canberrans -- if you're driving up Limestone Ave, towards the War Memorial, you're likely to see this on the left:

Treasure it, it's a lingering (because it's an 'official') bit of Byrd. Canberra graffiti is a lot less interesting now.

*for yesterday! sorry, I've been a bit offline.


Mindy said...

I've seen this one! Isn't there also a mural on the wall of the nursery at Weston by Byrd?

Boysenberry said...

I've noticed a lot of the traffic light control boxes around Canberra have been muralled up. I like it.

byrd said...

yes Mindy its true, but the one on the back of the campbell shops is/was nicer still.
thanks duck. We all drove out to redcliff to look at a hobbie shopfront in the wind.