Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No more Nana

My dears, I have taken Teh Plunge. I have gone from this:

to something between this:

very weird hair model

and this:

except not boned

(sorry, I searched the net for a long time, but could find nothing more dignified!)





OK, caps off. (heh.)

It was just such a buzz when all the hair came off. I waited 7 weeks for this particular hairdresser, because I trust her, and it was so worth it. I wanted to keep my ponytail for my Box of Old Hair Colours (which sits next to the Box of Baby Teeth), and when it came off I got a rush of adrenalin which hasn't died down yet.

The only down side is that Best Beloved was very resistant to the idea of my long hair going away. He seems to think that long hair = feminine, fertile, and girly. I don't know which universe he's been living in for the last three years! Well, bad luck. It's my hair, my head and my life. I needed a change, and apart from leaving him (which I'm NOT going to do), a haircut is the next best thing.

He came home today, and peered around the corner at me. WELL? I asked (it's a uppercase sort of day today). Give me a couple of days, he said. It almost dampened my good mood. But he is a very conservative chappie, despite his anarchic moments, so I suppose it's a good response.

Bumblebee loves it. And so do I. Hooray!


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

yay! congrats!

I love a good haricut, it's almost cathartic... I haven't had a haircut that short for about 6 years now. I sort of miss it. but I like it a bit longer too. just so long as it can get off my neck in summer...

and yes, isn't it terrible how boys have such a hard time with loved ones cutting their hair? about a decade ago I had the audacity to get a few inches cut from the (then) waist-length hair. my (then) boyfriend took it almost as a personal insult. christ!

Ampersand Duck said...

Woke up today and still loving it. Mind you, it's still full of hairdresser product, but the lack of bitey hairbands is very appealing. I thought I'd feel more bereft than this. Instead I feel utterly liberated.

Mindy said...

D had the same issues when I cut my hair short, but he got used to it, and did agree that I looked younger and (heh) hipper with a new haircut. Unfortunately I left my hairdresser behind in Alice Springs, and I haven't found someone good down here yet. I've had it trimmed a couple of times, but it's kinda lost something in translation. I'll have to try out some of the other hairdressers in town. There is four or five in a quite small town. Strange.

Cozalcoatl said...

Rob always has had hair way longer than mine, he met me with short hair so i don't think he cares. Looking back at my wedding photos, total pixie cut.
I like my long hair but I do think about going back to cropped.

Glad you are so happy with. :)

Ron said...

I LOVE short hair on ladies but whenever I say that to my wife who has medium-length hair, she replies, "you're gay, you're biased." Actually I am not quite sure what the bias would be.

I once had hair halfway down my back (I wish I could write like Tim Winton), but washing it etc. almost drove me bonkers (come to think of it, I did have my nervous breakdown around that time or was the breakdown the cause of my hair rebellion? I am sure you don't really care).

Now I have the just-out-of-prison look (a #3) and so it's so nice not have worry about drying and brushing it. And dandruff doesn't cling.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I've had that very short pixie hair on and off for most of my adult life, simply because it's what suits my face best. I find it does make one want to girlie up a little more (earrings, eye makeup, skirts), which could be some consolation for BB.

Ampersand Duck said...

That's my next step, Ron ;)

PC -- I've used that argument, and I do mean it (I've already started sorting through my earring collection) but I guess proof is the best convincer.

Kate said...

I have shortish hair right now and I'm growing it out, and then I'm sure I'll chop it all off again. The endless cycle of hair. I'm sure if I could find JUST the right style, I'd stick with it forever. Ha.

(Mr Kate says he prefers my short hair, but when we first met I had very short hair so maybe that's why?)

wen said...

I'm going from suzi quatro back to Nana - never get around to product, so doesn't quite work... Seem to have developed great grey streak in regrowth, sadly. There's always the bootpolish option, I guess.

I always have to scrub all the hairdresser's product out & redo straight after a haircut -- think this might mean I need a decent hairdresser.

Mikhela said...

I wonder if partners freaking out about haircuts is because a dramatic cut implies we have changed our self-perception some fundamental way (& then might not love them...)

tin26 said...

You reminded to get a haircut. I used to wear my hair that long! Would you believe it harmed my face? A few strands of my hair would touch my face and suddenly rashes started to fill my face.
I love that new haircut. But I won't have that kind for me.
It's traumatic!

JahTeh said...

I don't think I'll have to worry. Going through Mum's photos I found one from ten years ago and waist length red hair has now shrunk to shoulder, without cutting. I'm not giving up the dye, I will not surrender.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oooh Kate, don't find the perfect haircut! that's why ladies in their 60's still wear beehives...

and others still dye their hair black. I am a big black/dark hair dye fan, but eventually your skin doesn't love you for it and makes you look about 20 years older than you are... I will mourn that day when I see it approaching.

Lucy Tartan said...

So if I stop dyeing my hair dark brown, will I look twenty years younger? that would be cool.

Ampersand Duck said...

I dunno. I love being dark brown or black, but I just couldn't seem to keep up with the tideline. The colour seemed to fade quicker every time I dyed. So I've given up. The ponytail I kept from last week goes from blue-black at the bottom to a reddy-brown at the top. Now I'm an ash-brown colour, and that will have to do. Someone said the other day that I look younger, which was a very nice thing to say. In the general scheme of things, I'm not that old, really :)

DestructoMeg said...

ooo! how excitement! (I've gone the other way, from pixie to long hair and oddly I find long easier to look after!) Enjoy the new you!

Anonymous said...

You are all young, compared to me and jateh. Interesting about cutting - I think it creates a lot more difference than just the particular kind of sensuality that comes with long hair. A question of how people hold their heads, move their shoulders, look up and out.

For some people, cutting hair is a liberation from a certain sort of dependence on and appeal to other people's eyes. Or so I observe in some of my friends.

I vote for dying. Grey hair does symbolise age. In the mirror, that matters.

I am approaching the day when I don't have a single hair to remember the black I used to carry. It contributes to that shock thing of feeling spry and healthy and then glimpsing myself as a reflection and thinking "whose that funny old feller then"..

It's because I still carry my 20 year old prejudices about age. Der.

- barista