Sunday, August 20, 2006

Time Out

Sorry. I went away for three days. We threw the cats into their catbox and took off to my parental prickle farm on thursday straight after my bookbinding class. Bumblebee had been sick all week, so we thought he might as well be sick at the farm in the sun, and gave ourselves a day off too.

It was warm, relaxed and quiet. My parents are in New Zealand for two weeks, frittering my inheritance away in a cottage by the Bay of Islands, so we'd agreed to keep their two hounds company on the weekend in between. Bliss! No computers; no need to get out of bed until the bedsores made me move; no need to drive anywhere so cocktail hour started when the shadows started to look vaguely long.

We did get to the seaside, to catch up with a friend and her lovely daughter, but it was a bit too chill and cool there to really relax. Much better lying in the sun inland a bit.

Pooter and Padge found a few lizards, which kept them amused during the afternoons. At one point BB came out and sat beside Pooter in the grass, then realised that P was eyeballing quite a large lizard. Pooter, thinking he had it in the bag, rolled over to show off to his human, and the feisty lizard ran off, but not before leaping forward and biting P on the head for good measure! Oh, how we roared.

My old nana had left me a pile of Woman's Days, so I've really had my brain switched off. Now I'm struggling to come back to earth. Best Beloved's still struggling to come to terms with my hair, but he'll get there. So thanks to all of you who have left comments over the last few days! I'm very grateful, and will respond accordingly as soon as I've made a homecoming cup of tea and got my brain back into gear.


Mummy/Crit said...

Yay. I'd wondered where you'd got to, you post more regularly than I do. Glad to hear you had a weekend away, and I hope that Bumblebee is now better. D went down like a ton of bricks with something on Friday afternoon, and only managed to emerge yesterday afternoon. Now back to normal with a barky cough.

I didn't comment on your hair, but I will now, it sounds great. I've been to all hair extremes myslef and found that they are all rewarding on some ways and annoying in others.

Boysenberry said...

Weighing up weeks, I think your's sounds a lot better than mine. Nothing like switching off the grey matter to really relax.

Rach said...

Oh, that sounds great. I hope your childs benefited from the sunshine, it certainly sounds like the cats did.

I saw the Flickr picture of your hair, and while (as someone trying to grow hers out) I thought your longer hair was quite lovely your short hair is spunky and cute. It's a relief to cut it all off sometimes.

Ampersand Duck said...

Thanks, Rach. I keep going to adjust my phantom ponytail... I'll probably grow it back one day, just because I love having plaits.