Friday, November 11, 2005

Through a child's eyes

Bloody Canberra, humid one day, freezing the next. Now we're all going to get colds on top of the hayfever. Mind you, I'm more comfortable with the coolness.

Just found a batch of photos taken by Bumblebee a while ago when I was playing with the Art School laptop and was trying to distract him.

No, I'm Batman!

The weird thing is, this kid really does look like Bumblebee in his Batperson suit...

"Holy Remote, Batman, what the hell is in that pile of videos?!!"

And now for Dr Who... those of you who are fans may even be able to date these photos by the next few images!
The Baddie

The even baddier Baddies

Portrait of robot with Mum

Self portrait with spot.

There are many, many more of this sort of thing in this batch, but these are my favorite! I noticed recently that he's starting to get the hang of the focus control, so the photos are getting better, but the subject matter is all pretty similar... tv, toys, pets and himself. Classic child.

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