Monday, November 28, 2005

Random Acts of Kindness are the Bomb

Scene: Monday morning, carpark outside ANU School of Art. Ampersand Duck is very tired and grumpy, having partied hard one half of the weekend and worked very hard and late the rest. As she walks up to the ticket machine, she can see that the machine has just been emptied by Parking Man, who is carrying a sack of coins to his truck. He places the sack in the car while someone else buys a ticket and returns to the machine just as AD reaches it. He stands back.

AD: G'day. Do you want to finish what you were doing before I use the machine?

PM: Nah... (AD fumbles for her coins in a hungover/tired/inept manner) ... not unless you want a free ticket (said in a very laconic manner, almost sarcastic).

AD (mustering her last shred of jocularity): Of course I want a free ticket, wouldn't everyone? Heh. (makes to put coin in slot)

PM: Ok then, put your money back. (PM opens the machine, presses button, gives AD a full-day ticket, smiles, then gets on with what he was doing.)

AD (not faking new burst of energy and goodwill): Good for you! Have a great day!

PM: Yeah, you too, have a good one.

AD walks back to her car with a renewed interest in the day, which lasts until the mid-morning sugar-starved energy-low when she thinks 'Well, that's $7 I can put towards the $68 parking fine the bastards gave me last fortnight'.

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