Friday, November 18, 2005

Only 6 hours to go.

Watch out Canberra! Tonight Zoe and I get pissed and attend, with our resident moisties, the Jim Rose Circus at the Canberra Theatre. Choice!

I was just on the phone to said lass -- she rang to see if I'd picked up my tickets yet -- and halfway through the conversation there was a loud noise and she screamed at me


I was rather startled for a moment and wondering if she knew something I didn't, when she apologised and explained that there was a rather idiotic Harley rider poser cruising past breaking everyone's eardrums. I totally understood, because I usually yell Oh god, I want your babies at such types.

We're sitting centre, 4 rows back. Zoe and consort are side, 2 rows back. She wants the blue condom. So do I. The boys aren't allowed to have it, they have to pass it to us.

Stay tuned.

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