Saturday, June 18, 2005

That's what I call a flick

And on a lighter note (or speaking of fluffy blossoms), I think they're scraping the barrel a bit on Strictly Dancing at the moment. All three couple were abysmal last night, although I loved the third couple when I discovered that they'd not only done a good samba, but she'd coped with having her skirt start to fall off during it! I taped it for Bumblebee; I'll be checking that out when we replay it.

The rest of the time I spent laughing at the poor blokes having to cope with their partners' ponytails whipping into their eyes. The second couple especially! That young fella, who looked like he'd be more comfortable crutching sheep (and was desperately sending out hints about that by using an AFL theme in his costuming), kept grimacing and pulling back as she spun, knowing he was in severe danger of slitting an eyeball. Poor bastards.

Honestly, last night was worse than watching an episode of Some Mothers do 'Ave 'Em . I kept putting my hands over my eyes and squealing in disgust and embarrassment. I think they've already gone through everyone who can dance in NZ and Australia!

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