Friday, June 17, 2005


Bumblebee said to tell you all that his book is very cool.

It was there when we walked in, it had his name written on a yellow post-it on the cover, and the lady gave us a discount (I think she'd been standing nearby when I made the clean-up deal with him). He is over the moon and I'm sure it will be under his pillow tonight. Bumblebee has now gone to spend the weekend with his dad at Marulen, Village of Dreams (as in Mate, You're dreamin'...) but all the way out to the collection point, a 40-minute drive, I had a blow-by-blow description of exactly how many red buttons are on the double lightsabre, how it was customised from two lightsabres so that it has two operating systems but only needs one at a time, so it has backup if one fails, and that the red and black stuff on Darth Maul's face is NOT face paint, but a tattoo to demonstrate that he has reached some uber-level of Sith training (yeah, right, so why hasn't Darth Sidious got one?!). Gosh, what an education this boy is getting. I'm sure it will all come in handy one day.

I have to share this: today at assembly, he got presented with an encouragement certificate. In my day we got them for improved spelling or excellent reading; this one states that he is awarded it for being a considerate listener and coping better with irritations. That's my boy.


Mick said...

Ok, i'm here!
Umm...I've been slack..
could you email me again so we could line-up a time for a book viewing??

I sorta lost my emails and everything...(i will explain!)


Georg said...

Oh, thank god he got the book! I would have been heartbroken after reading his meme. I was starting to get anxious for him by the end of it!

harry said...

Glad he got it.
You know what they say about nerds thouhg: there's one made every minute. Well, every fifty seven point four seconds to be more precise, but it does depend on certain factors as outlined in the 'Explaining nerds in esquisite and esoteric detail' by Nigel Bucktooth.

Mindy said...

Yay for nice ladies at the bookstore. I bet the joy on his face was worth it.

Ampersand Duck said...